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Extruded refractory

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Building and firing refractories are the structural elements for cars and shuttle or tunnel kilns.
They are produced by extrusion, with particular features for the different ceramic sectors:

  • cordierite is suitable for the production of materials with temperatures below 1250°C. It is very good for quick cycles thanks to its high resistance to sudden thermal changes.
  • koral suitable for productive cycles with higher temperatures, up to 1300°C. It is excellent for its resistance to the creep and chemical agents attack, it also fits well in the production of sanitary-ware and technical ceramics.

Both materials are certified for the food industry.

We produce both standard and “tailor-made” elements to satisfy the most complex technical needs and simplify the installation process.

Extruded refractoryExtruded refractoryExtruded refractoryExtruded refractory