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Who we are

Leader in sanitary-ware products & high temperatures since 1955.

ALDERO industrial supplies provides products to ceramic and thermal insulation businesses around the world. We distribute refractories and furnace insulation; raw materials and advanced technical products for the manufacture of sanitary ware; and anchoring and water connection accessories to companies ranging from small local businesses to more prestigious international groups.

Our company stands apart for its extensive line of high-quality products, created through hard work and dedication. From the beginning we have selected the finest products available on the market, and, whenever possible, we have improved them. ALDERO has also designed and manufactured some completely innovative items from scratch (bisCotta, karal fixing kits, etc.), to set a higher, state-of-the-art standard.

Our hardworking, professional and friendly team is the real strength of ALDERO industrial supplies and is able to provide our customers with many years of hands-on experience.